JA Inspire Guam Virtual Career Exploration Fair September 10, 2022 to October 22, 2022

Junior Achievement Guam welcomes middle and high schoolers to sign up for the first annual JA Virtual Inspire Career Exploration Fair!

Students will be able to:

— Gain insight into career clusters that interest them.
— Make connections with adults who have jobs in careers that interest them.
— See the connection between high school programming choices and careers.
— Collect information about the education required to be successful in a job.
— Practice soft skills.

The program consists of three segments: (1) pre-event career-oriented sessions; (2) the JA Inspire Virtual career fair, with career exhibit booths to explore and various webinars or sessions led by local businesspeople; and (3) post-event reflection.
VFairs, the online interactive platform used to host the JA Inspire Virtual career expo, allows students to attend webinars and presentations, explore company exhibits, and interact with career speakers. It’s a powerful way for students to learn about real-world career opportunities and their local economy.

On October 22nd, students will have an opportunity to meet the virtual companies face to face at the JA Inspire Career Fair Finale.

So what are you waiting for? CLICK on the link and get ready to discover your dream career & future goals and aspirations.https://forms.gle/tnkzty3UKQPJ2rQm9

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