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To cope with the current COVID19 pandemic regulations imposed by the Office of the Governor and Department of Public Health and Social Services and to keep our students and stakeholders safe, JA Guam Company Program will continue with the virtual in-school program alongside its after school program geared towards high school students.  This program provides an insight into the development of a business structure.  Students will learn the organizational background of a business, create , market and eventually sell their product or service .  They will also learn how to liquidate a company towards the end of the 20-week structure through the virtual realm.

The virtual program will showcase each company’s prowess as they produce an annual report, compete in a business presentation and sell their products at trade fairs.

Our virtual after-school company sponsors:

JA Guam Sponsoring CompanyDay of MeetingTime of Meeting
Bank of GuamTBDTBD
Bank of HawaiiTBDTBD
Title Guaranty of Guam TBDTBD
Graphic CenterTBDTBD
United AirlinesTBDTBD

Our In-School company programs:

SchoolProgramDay and Time
Tiyan High SchoolGCC Marketing Program
(Registered Marketing students only)
John F. Kennedy High SchoolIn School Corporate Sponsored Program
Southern High SchoolGCC Marketing Program
Okkodo High SchoolGCC Marketing Program

The 2020-2021 JA Guam Company Program will host the JA Guam Company of the Year Competition through the Zoom app as a virtual event. The event will be hosted in late January or early February 2021.

Photo Highlights of 2020-2021

Photo Highlights 2019-2020

JA Guam takes this opportunity to thank all our sponsors Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA), SBDC Guam, Bank of Guam, Bank of Hawaii, Triple J Enterprises, GTA, and United Airlines.

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