2023 Company Program


JA Guam Company Program is a program that teaches high school students the practical skills required to plan, launch and operate their own business venture within a structured, experiential environment! This program provides an insight into the development of a business structure.  Students will learn the organizational background of a business, create, market, and eventually sell their product or service.  Students will collaborate, make crucial business decisions, practice communication skills and develop entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

The student company will sell a predetermined product or can support an existing school or community event. Students will focus on finance, human resources, marketing and sales roles, while learning the basics of launching and operating a business.

Photo Highlights of 2020-2021

Photo Highlights 2019-2020

JA Guam takes this opportunity to thank all our sponsors Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA), SBDC Guam, Bank of Guam, Bank of Hawaii, Triple J Enterprises, GTA, and United Airlines.

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