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Episode 6: October 24, 2020: Join Meg Tyquiengco as she talks with the team from Creatability, a JA Guam Company sponsored by KUAM on their company program journey. Pinki Lujan gives you a glimpse at week six requirements and information on the company commercial.

Episode 5: October 17, 2020: Jay Jones, Sr. Vice President of Triple J Enterprises gives advise on how to run an effective Board Meeting and the value of the JA Guam Company Program. Watch as he joins host Meg Tyquiengco, JA Guam Executive Director Pinki Lujan and Bank of Guam Student Company Vice President of Productions Kiara Dela Rosa.

Episode 4: October 10, 2020: It’s product week! Episode 4 has two segments this week as we talk with local company entrepreneurs about their products. Meg Tyquiengco interviews Charlie Hermosa, President and Owner of Hermosa Inc. in segment 1 of 2 along with Xian Muna-Brecht, a Father Duenas Memorial School student seeking a position with the JA Guam Company Program sponsored by GTA.

Part 2 of episode 4 touches up on the experience of JA Guam Company Program student Kiran Toh, a member of the JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition FedEx Global Possibilities awardee, “Pasiadot” of United Airlines; and his journey as the newly elected President of Title Guarantees’ student company. Meg Tyquiengco and Pinki Lujan join Toh in learning the experience of Rasmeet Sachdej, President and owner of Scarlet Rose and Qwest Pack, as she takes them down memory lane on how she was able to establish her niche in the Guam market.

Don’t forget the valuable information Executive Director Pinki Lujan provides for week four.

Episode 3: October 3, 2020 – Learn more about JA Guam Company Program’s week 3 activities with host Meg Tyquiengco and JA Guam Executive Director Pinki Lujan. Meg will also take you on a journey with two of Guam’s outstanding business entrepreneurs: Mika Caldwell, Vice President of Archway Inc. (dba Infusion Café) and Chase Weir, President of Liquid Soul. The JA Guam Podcast is the property of JA Guam. The views, information, or opinions expressed during podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of JA Guam.

Episode 2: September 26, 2020 – This segment, our guests include Tiyan High School GCC Marketing Program Teacher and fifth year JA mentor Michelle Randle along with SBDC’s Network Director and JA Guam Board Member Jane Ray. Watch as they provide tips on week 2 activities such as election of officers, charter and by-laws, communication and other requirements needed to fulfill for a successful program.

Episode 1: September 19, 2020 – Join host Meg Tyquiengco as she discusses the JA Guam Company Program start up with Board Chair Joey Miranda III and Executive Director Pinki Lujan. The group discusses week 1 activities along with tips and experiences from our seasoned mentors.

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